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  For DURAY RENT A CAR it is a must that the renters are fully insured by the law orders and to make insurance offers according to the customers requirements. 

In order to be fully insured a valid driving licence is required and the renter has to be over 21 years. 

If you are owner of a valid credit card the whole renting process will be much easier. 

The renter has especially to take care of the insurance conditions and terms. 

1.All vehicles are equipped with a mandatory insurance applied by the government rules. 

1.1 This insurance is fully included in the renting price. 

1.2 This insurance provides limited coverage for the third parties. This coverage excludes all the compensation due to moral and material damage lawsuits. 

2.All vehicles are also full insured. The fee for this insurance is also included in the renting charge. 

But you have to take notice of following points. 

If any components (car radio, spare tire, first-aid set etc.) are missed because of thievery, the renter of the vehicle will be charged for the missing parts. 

Tire punctures, headlight and windscreen damages are not covered by this insurance. 

2.1.1 İf there is no medical emergency situation the accident must be immediately reported. 

2.1.2 In case of an accident the vehicle must not be moved from the accident site. 

2.1.3 Accident and alcohol reports must be obtained from the nearest police or gendarme station in order to have the insurance remain valid. The full report must be brought to one of our offices within 48 hours. 

2.1.4 The coverage of the insurance expires by the end of the rental agreement. 

2.1.5 If the accident is made under influence of alcohol and any drugs, or the driver is not mentioned in the rental agreement, or other renting conditions and terms are broken, or the accident occurs as a result of the legal speed limit being violated or other traffic violation and this condition is stipulated in the official police report the renter is not covered with any insurance and is also responsible for the damage and will be charged for the damage resulting from this accident. 

2.1.6 If any goods are transported with the rented car, damages resulting from this misbehavior will be charged from the renter. 

2.1.7 The full insurance provides no coverage for compensations of third persons by accidents which are caused fully(100%) by the renter. 

2.2 Any loss of the vehicle by theft must be reported immediately to the nearest police station.By any violation ot this term the renter will be charged for this loss If the vehicle is being found within 45 days the renter will be charged for all the period until it is found. If the vehicle is being found after 45 days or later the renter will be charged with the full price of a new car at the date of the loss.

Duray Rent a Car Main Office
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Izmir Airport Domestic Terminal
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