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  DURAY RENT A CAR, recommends “Fleet Rental” especially to those institutions aiming to buy numerous cars. 

What is fleet rental? 

Fleet rental means long term satisfaction of operational service requirements such as periodic servicing, maintenance repair, insurance (Automobile insurance, traffic insurance, automobile stamp duty) ,on-the-road aid, etc. without the need to buy cars for your company, but through rental. 

Services within the scope of fleet rental 

All vehicles are insured by full-liability automobile insurance and precautionary financial liability limits. In the event that an automobile is stolen, or undergoes an accident, or if the time needed for this periodic servicing is extended, it will be substitued with a comparable automobile. 

Advantages of Fleet Rental System 

As rental payments are not recorded as liabilities in companies ”balance sheets” they do not affect loan opportunities. Due to monthly payments, costs are fixed and a profitable and regular budget is attained .As companies do not have to pay large sums of money for this service, they may use such amounts for other investments that will bring them profit. Periodic servicing, maintenance-repair and all obligatory payments are made by the rental company. 

In addition to the savings in terms of time, personal and cash, the ability to record the monthly rental payments as expenditures is another significant advantage provided by the system. In the event that an automobile is stolen, has undergone an accident, or its periodic maintenance services are extended, it will be substituted with comparable automobile, which prevents losses in terms of time and labor.

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